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Need lunch on the run in Galway? Try The Gourmet Tart Company

The Gourmet Tart Company, ( operates from 4 outlets in Galway –  Lower Abbeygate St, Henry St, Galway Shopping Centre and Salthill.  I work in the city and more often than not just need a takeaway sandwich or similar for lunch.  The Gourmet Tart Company is perfect.  Whilst it may be better known for its wonderful cakes, breads and pastries; it also has a wonderful deli counter for fresh sandwiches, rolls or wraps at lunchtime.  It also serves soup, pre-packed (but freshly made that day) sandwiches, mini quiches and take away salads in addition to fresh coffee, soft drinks, juices, water and crisps.  You can currently get a fresh pre-packed sandwich, a bottle of water or juice and a packet of crisps for e5 which is a very pocket friendly deal.

Sandwich, roll and wrap prices are very reasonable and you can choose from one of their set sandwiches to have made up or design your own.  All the fillings are fresh that day and include meats (ham, chicken, turkey, beef etc), chicken mixes (cajun, pesto etc), tuna, cooked shrimp, avocado, tomato, sweetcorn, stuffing, olives, salsa, roasted vegetables, egg, coleslaw, onions (red, caramelised or spring onions), cheeses and greens (mixed lettuces, rocket, spinach etc).  You can also choose from a range of sauces and spreads such as mayonnaise, cranberry, pesto, sweet chilli, mustard, hummus etc.  And finally when you are satisfied with your creation you can opt to have it toasted to perfection!  A wrap, with one meat filling and as many of the others as you care to choose, is priced at e3.80.

The Salthill outlet also houses a cafe/restaurant which as well as serving the gorgeous pastries and cakes for which they are renowned, also now serve lovely  lunches, sandwiches, salads and coffees during the day but which transforms into a full restaurant (complete with a wine licence) at night.  At present, you can have a 4-course dinner there for e25, which I have yet to sample but intend to soon  –  and hey – there’s a future post right there!!

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