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Rouge, Dominic Street, Galway

Rouge is a French restaurant with a difference located on Dominic Street in Galway.  The menu is limited main course wise to steak, fish of the day or a vegetarian dish of the day and for E15 you get your choice of one of these main courses and a set starter of bite sized appetisers.

The concept is really working.  In fact, if you walk in off the street later on in the week or at the weekend you are likely to be disappointed.  The place is now so popular that early booking is definitely advisable.

I visited with four friends a couple of weeks ago for the first time.  It was early on a Thursday evening – around 6pm – and before long the restaurant was full.  Our group of five ordered three steaks and two vegetarian dishes.  The vegetarian dish on that day was a filo parcel filled with goats cheese and spinach.  The steaks are served with a good selection of sauces.  All main courses are served with your choice of potato (fries, gratin dauphinois, steamed potatoes or chef’s potatoes) or you can order a side salad or ratatouille.

As mentioned, you don’t get a choice with regard to the appetisers which on the day included a taste of soup, garlic mushrooms (served cold) and a beetroot and goats cheese bite.  They were fine and we finished them but they could be improved upon.  Still no complaints at this price point!   The steaks (striploin) were perfectly cooked and all three of us thoroughly enjoyed them.  In fact, it was one of the best steaks I have had in a long time.  The sauces and the potato sides were all also very good.

The starter/main course for E15 (and the quality of the main course) is what gets people in the door here (and probably coming back for more).  If you also have a dessert and you stray from the house wine (the wine list (all French) is very good), you can spend more than you probably thought you would.  Desserts are expensive relative to the rest of the food, but you can order a selection of desserts for c. E12.50. The dessert selection is listed on the menu as being suitable for two people but if you just want a taste, one would be fine for a table of four.  There is also a cheeseboard available.

All in all, we loved the place and will be back for more.  Check out their website

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