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Gorgeous new takeaway Coffee in Galway – The Jungle Cafe at Go Dutch, Forster St.

As I am constantly on the lookout for the next “best” coffee in Galway, I noticed with interest the soft opening of a new cafe – The Jungle Cafe – at the Go Dutch florist on Forster Street, Galway.   The cafe will serve food but began by serving takeaway coffees only for its first week.

The coffee used is from boutique coffee roasting company Badger and Dodo from Fermoy, Co. Cork.  This is a company who pride themselves on the quality and freshness of their product and who carefully vet each new establishment before supplying them – ensuring there is an experienced barista in place.

A superb takeaway cappuccino was enjoyed there this week and I look forward to sampling their food offerings (and more of their coffee menu) when they are up and running.   Watch this space!!!

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