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Gunpowder Green Tea with Mint from El Corte Inglés


I bought this Gunpowder Green Tea with Mint on a recent visit to the Gourmet Experience, a high end Food Court and Shop on the 9th Floor of the El Corte Inglés Department Store at Callao, Madrid.  It is a wonderful tea.  As soon as you open the canister and you get the wonderfully minty aroma, you know it is going to be good.  And it is.  I am not a fan of green tea usually and am constantly trying versions that have something added be it lemon, mint etc. The addition of mint to this one makes it smooth, refreshing and highly drinkable.  It is rich in antioxidants and very refreshing, even in hot weather.  Many consider green tea to be a cure-all, and this one is very reviving, a real pick me up.


Why not add a bit of theatre and pour it from a height to create a froth like they do in Morocco! What is lovely also is the gorgeous aroma that fills the entire room and you can still smell it for some time after you’ve finished your tea.  Also, it comes in a lovely canister that can be put to good use again when all the tea is gone. I am just sorry I did not buy more! Not cheap (c. €8.50 for 100g) but worth it. Highly recommended if you happen to be in Madrid.

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