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Galway – A Visitors’ Guide – Where to Eat

So now that you have decided to visit Galway and booked your accommodation, you need to figure out where to eat whilst you are here.  Galway has so many great and varied restaurants, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fine Dining? There are many “Fine Dining” restaurants in the city.  There is one Michelin Starred restaurant – Aniar.  (See separate post on this site). This is a small restaurant so if you plan to visit, you will most certainly need to book in advance, particularly if you wish to visit on a weekend night.  The restaurant now has a new Head Chef – welcome Ultan Cooke! If you like Fish, then you really must visit O’Grady’s on the Pier in Barna (again, see separate post on this site).  The restaurant is easily accessible from the city centre by car or taxi and is well worth the trip.  It really is one of the best restaurants in the Galway area and its setting on the beach at Barna is truly magical.

Pizza Dozzina at The Twelve Hotel, Barna, Galway

I am very lucky to live close to The Twelve Hotel in Barna which is a real hub for the community and offers plenty of variety – and quality – in the food and drink arena.  Their latest addition is an Artisanal Pizza/deli called Pizza Dozzina.  It’s really a takeaway but the pizzas can be ordered directly from and eaten in The Pins bar so its a win win.  The hand made pizza oven was shipped directly from Naples and really adds to the authenticity of the operation. The menu is split into two types of Pizza – the Classics and the Locally Inspired.  The Classics include the expected Italian varieties of Quattro Formaggi, Pomodoro, Calzone, Marinara, Sicilian, Parma and Funghi.  The Locally Inspired menu is a wonderful creation of locally named pizzas made with additional gourmet (and homegrown) ingredients.  These pizzas include The Twelve Pins (Tomato, Confit Duck, red onion relish, percorino, rocket and apple salad topped with thyme oil), The Prom Walk (Breakfast pizza with Clonakilty black pudding, streaky bacon, mushrooms, McGeough’s turf …