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The Restaurant at Bramon Wine Estate, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

I have been in South Africa many times and have travelled the Garden Route on three of my visits.  Prior to the second visit, I became aware of Bramon Wine Estate and booked a lunch at their restaurant.  I was drawn to the place by virtue of the gorgeous pictures on their website, the type of food they serve (sharing plates/tapas style) and the fact that they make a sparkling wine from Sauvignon Blanc grapes (or a Methode Cap Classique (MCC) as South African bubbly is called).  On our first visit, we had booked an outside table for lunch (among the vines) and hoped the weather would oblige – and we were so thankful it did.  On our second visit, we dropped by without a reservation and we got an outside table but all the tables between the vines were booked.

Zip Lining – A Tree Top Canopy Adventure in South Africa

I really couldn’t go to Storms River Village in South Africa without trying the Tree Top Canopy Tour in the Tsitsikamma Forest.  It seems to be one of the main activities in the area and best of all, you don’t need any skills to take part!  We booked it well in advance and were staying in the village the night before.  It was only then that I began to think maybe we had made a mistake and that there might be a scary morning in store for us.  Should we chicken out? We decided to go but there were butterflies in the tummy when we arrived at the office of the tour company the next morning.  There were three other people there who would join us on the tour.  There were three guides allocated to us also, one of whom was recording the event and we were going to purchase a dvd afterwards.  We were given a briefing of what was to follow and shown the equipment etc, then we signed on the dotted line and went to get …

A (dangerous) walk with Cheetahs!

I love cats. My last trip (Nov 2010) to South Africa included a 4 night stay along the Garden Route – 1 night in Storms River and 3 in Plettenberg Bay, a thoroughly beautiful section of the Garden Route.  When I discovered a wildcat sanctuary close to Plettenberg Bay, Tenikwa, I knew I had to visit and booked a Sunrise Walk with Cheetahs for myself and my friend.  I was really looking forward to this activity as one of the highlights of an overall 16 day trip to South Africa. We arrived early on a beautiful sunny morning and after a cup of tea were led out to walk the cheetahs.  There were two guides, two cheetahs and a group of about 7 tourists in all. The male cheetah, Chester, appeared a bit agitated from the outset and took a paw swipe at one of the guides early on, but this was laughed off by them with a gentle chastise. The female cheetah was much more placid and we enjoyed walking her (on a lead) and …