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Vieux Nice (Old Town Nice) – A mini scrapbook

I visited Nice and the Cote D’Azur last week.  I spent one lovely afternoon exploring the narrow streets of Vieux Nice and really enjoyed the mix of delis, food shops, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques.  Here is a little scrapbook of the sights you can expect to see in this gorgeous area of Nice.

Cashel and the Rock of Cashel, Co Tipperary.

Many of us make a real effort to travel far and wide to see well known tourist attractions, historical buildings and great views. Yet many of us have places close to home that would fall into these categories that we may not have visited at all.  Sometimes it’s good to be a tourist in your own county.  I became that tourist recently when I visited Cashel in my home county of Tipperary.

Principato – Pinot Grigio Blush

It’s a Pinot Grigio – but it’s Pink! Background: The Principato Pinot Grigio Blush is a light, crisp and refreshing Rose from the Vinezie wine region, Trentino, North West Italy.  Principato means Princely Realm in english and the winery began production in 1978 and is now one of the most popular and affordable Italian wines. Description: The short fermentation on the skin gives this modern Pinot Grigio a delicate pink, coppery colour.  It is a floral wine, with soft fruit characters with notes of peach and an off dry finish. Alcohol Content: It has an alcohol content of 12%. Serving Suggestions: Serve on its own, with light appetisers, with seafood dishes or with Asian or Mexican inspired cuisine. Stockists: Available at Morton’s Galway for E12.99 currently.